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Season Fees

We understand that budget considerations are essential. Athletes Only is committed to providing an accessible experience for all. We offer competitive and transparent season fees that cover a wide range of services and inclusions. We appreciate your trust and investment in us. Your fees enable us to deliver high-quality experiences that foster competitive growth and discipline, and empower each age group with the opportunity to thrive. 

2023-24 Breakdown

A commitment fee is required on the day of tryouts and is essential to secure your athlete's place on an Athletes Only team. The amount of the commitment fee depends on the age group:

$1,000 for 14 and under age groups

$1,200 for high-school aged athletes (15-18s)

This fee will be credited towards covering the costs of the club season. Additionally, a $495 fee will required for the uniform pack and is a separate line item to the season fees. Season fees include: AZ Region fees, national qualifier tournament entry fees, supplemental tournament entry fees, coach salaries; as well as, administration, gym, and equipment fees. Both the commitment fee and uniform fee will be collected at tryouts. 

The remaining club season expenses will be divided into four monthly payments, with collection scheduled on the 15th of each month from December to March. End of the year (EOY) tournaments fees will be collected on May 15th.

Should you opt to make a full payment with a check or card, you will be eligible for a $150.00 off the total amount. If you prefer to use a credit card for the full payment, the discount still applies, although credit card fees will be applicable. 

Travel fees are not covered by tuition and the number of travel tournaments varies by team. Please expect to pay between $200 to $400 per travel tournament, and up to $650 for the EOY tournament. 

The $495 uniform package will include the following items:

  • New Balance Team Field Backpack

  • White Nike kneepads

  • 2 New Balance Achieve ATK long sleeve jersey

  • New Balance Achieve ATK short sleeve jersey

  • 2 New Balance Spandex

  • New Balance Away Hoodie

  • New Balance Away Pant

  • New Balance Accelerate 5-in short

  • New Balance Athletics Half Zip 2.0 

  • New Balance Short Sleeve Tech Tee

  • New Balance Crew Sock

  • New Balance Hesi Low Shoe​


Excluding the 12 and under team, 13 to 17s will travel to an out-of-state qualifier, some teams will travel multiple times throughout the season. Locations will vary, but we will try our best to keep 14s and younger in the same time zone. Along with travel tournaments we will also compete in the following tournaments: Festival Fiesta @ Cardinal Stadium, Arizona National Qualifier, and all regional tournaments.


EOY Tournament: Teams will compete in a EOY tournament in June / July. All other teams can elect to compete in the Volleyball Festival along with their USAV EOY tournament. The EOY tournament for all teams will be an additional cost, and it is expected that every member of an AO team is committed till the conclusion of the season. 

The 12s and 13s team will conclude their season at the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix from June 23 to June 26, 2024 at the Phoenix Convention Center (unless a bid is earned). 

EOY USAV Girls Junior National Championship 14-17s dates are July 3 to July 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  

Please email if you have any further questions regarding the season fees.

2023 - 2024 Fee Matrix

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