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Mission Statement

Athletes Only is a dynamic, academically excellent club that empowers athletes to reach their fullest potential in a fast-changing world. With an energized and committed player-coach culture, we cultivate a special environment for growth. Through the heart of our exceptional institution, we prioritize the coach-athlete relationship, fostering positive growth and knowledge advancement. At Athletes Only, we are committed to never being the last coach you play for—we aim to inspire athletes to push past their potential.

Volleyball Team Huddle

Core Principles: A.C.E.

Autonomy: Athletes Only cultivates a culture of youthful autonomy and personal responsibility, empowering athletes to drive their own learning and fostering intellectual curiosity, creativity, and confidence. Through this approach, athletes are provided with numerous opportunities to thrive and grow, not only as individuals but also as leaders within our community.


Community: At Athletes Only, we prioritize meaningful player-coach relationships that enhance both intellectual pursuits and athletic development. We foster a strong sense of community, emphasizing the importance of individual commitments and responsibilities that contribute to the collective thriving of our teams and club. Through these values, we create an environment where athletes can excel while cultivating a deep sense of belonging.


Excellence:  At Athletes Only, we embrace a culture of industriousness and enthusiasm, recognizing that each student is a unique individual with the opportunity to strive and achieve their personal best. We believe that excellence is not a singular standard imposed from above, but rather a measure that comes from within. We celebrate the diverse achievements and contributions of every individual, fostering a supportive environment of competitive greatness that ultimately results in personal and team excellence.

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